Welcome to the aufderheyde.com 360 photo gallery

Here you'll find 360 photos taken by Marc which have been uploaded to momento for 3D viewing. They can also be viewed in virtual reality if you have a VR enabled headset.

Nature images, etc.

Here are some nature images, amongst others, Marc has taken.

Kelvingrove Park

Scotland Hikes 1

Scotland Hikes 2

Scotland Hikes 3

Scotland Hikes 4

Scotland Hikes 5

Scotland Hikes 6

Scotland Hikes 7

Kelvingrove in the Sun 1

Kelvingrove in the Sun 2

Kitchen 23

Scottish Snow 1

Scottish Snow 2

Scottish Snow 2

Noordhoek Manor Sunset

Snow in Kelvingrove


Fort William

Images of the virtual reality memory room

The Virtual Memory Room is a project licensed under the MIT open source license. It was developed by the third year team project groups CS34 & CS12, for Viarama and features a virtual reality implementation of a memory room, or sensory room, which is designed to help alleviate the negative symptoms of memory disorders and diseases such as Alzheimers and Dementia. These rooms in their physical representation are difficult to customize and often non-personal, hence the need to offer a customizable solution in the form of a virtual reality memory room.

Memory Room 1

Memory Room 2

Memory Room 3

Memory Room 4