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Here you'll find information about Marc Auf der Heyde, a 25 year old software engineer living in Berlin, Germany.

About Marc

Marc is currently living in Berlin, Germany. In June 2022, he graduated from the University of Glasgow with an honors of the first class in Computing Science, and is now working for DB Systel GmbH, the software branch of the Deutsche Bahn, as a full-stack software developer emphasizing in front-end development. Some example websites he has made for clients prior to working for DB Systel can be found below in the past projects section.

Some of Marc's skills are:

  • An in depth experience with the Python programming language. Marc has taught as a demonstrator at the University of Glasgow, teaching labs in the 1st year computing science python course. Additionally, Marc has built a python web-server and client, using python web sockets. Other python experience involves developing machine learning models for regression and classification using scikit, etc. as well as web scraping.
  • Marc is well versed with the Java programming language, and has been studying and working with Java since 2016. Marc's primary public Java work is on theyoungauthors application which is an Android app which crawls for random posts from theyoungauthors.com.
  • Marc has sufficient experience using React, NextJS, Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Spring, Express and Django for building and deploying full stack web applications. Marc also has a good grasp of using cloud hosting solutions like digital ocean, and maintaining a web server, as well as dockerizing full stack web applications.
  • Marc also has a foundational understanding of database systems, including SQL and no-SQL database systems.
  • Marc has VR development fundamentals in Unity and can build and deploy applications to android based headsets.
  • Marc is currently expanding his frontend capabiltiies by learning advanced React concepts and MUI.

Past Experiences:

  • From April 2023 until present day, Marc is working as a Junior Software Developer at DB Systel GmbH, the software branch of the Deutsche Bahn. He is employed as a full-stack engineer with a focus on microservices.
  • From June 2022 to October 2022, Marc worked again as a research intern at the University of Glasgow, this time running a user benchmarking study funded by Logitech, exploring different novel interaction techniques for augmented reality (AR) displays. During the internship, Marc also worked on a mobile version the study, in hopes of being able to build on his dissertation research. The results of both studies will hopefully be disseminated within the following year.
  • From September 2021 to April 2022, Marc completed his undergraduate dissertation research on mobile interactions in AR displays, under the supervision of Dr. Mark McGill.The research involved a virtual reality (VR) participant experiment which took place in March 2022. The dissertation was awarded a mark of A2, and some of the ideas presented in the future work section were built upon by the multimodal interaction research group (MIG) at the University of Glasgow.
  • From June 2021 to September 2021, Marc worked as an intern with the viajero project, which aims to improve all passenger journeys by facilitating the use of immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality. During this time Marc ran a user study on mitigating motion sickness using visual motion cues.

GitHub Projects and others

Here you will find a list of current and past projects Marc has worked on:

  • Developed and deployed the personal website for artist Kean Farrar: Click here to view this website
  • Redesigned the personal teaching website for his high school history teacher, Daniel Lazar: Click here to view this website
  • Built from the ground up, theyoungauthors.com, a free publishing platform for young writers where they can get free feedback from peers and engage with other like-minded writers: theyoungauthors.com
  • theyoungauthors Android application for reading random posts: theyoungauthors android app
  • Developed and released privateshare, a fully functioning server and client running on python sockets: Here

Research Papers

Here you will find a list of research papers for which Marc is a co-author on:

Contact Marc

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